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The Desire Map Planner Collection

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Clear your mind. Feel into your heart. Design your future.

The Desire Map Planner is equal parts introspection, life designer, gratitude journal, and scheduler.
Work with it to clarify how you want to show up to life—everyday.


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The Desire Map Planner Collection

2020 Daily Planners

The DAILY Planner can serve as your morning ritual. More than scheduling and to-do lists—this is a mindful tool for prioritizing your personal wellness and your service in the world. Pleasure, creativity, practicalities.

2020 Weekly Planners

The WEEKLY Planner helps you see your great plans at a glance. The week is laid out on a two-page spread, so you can plan with a bird’s eye view. It’s all the goodness of the Daily Planner in a more compact space.

NEW! Undated Planners

The UNDATED Edition lets you start any time of year—or jump back if you drift off for a month or two. The week is laid out on a two-page spread, so you can plan with a bird’s eye view.


A Closer Look Inside…


Your Year Ahead Spread

Inside ALL Planners
Kick off your year of new intentions with all your discoveries and declarations—your Core Desired Feelings and goals—in one place.

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Monthly Overview

Inside the DAILY + WEEKLY Planners
Start every month with a thoughtfully chosen mantra, affirmation, or prayer as a potent reminder of your Light. Know the holy days and the holidays. Plan around significant celestial dates.

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Daily Agenda Pages

Inside the DAILY Planner
Build a conscious life day by day, with ample space for detailed scheduling and important tasks. PLUS: #Truthbombs; daily gratitude; a Stop Doing list (because saying no is revolutionary); and prompts to get you thinking about your physical and spiritual wellness. Every daily page also has a place for your Core Desired Feelings, and what you will think/do to support them—the key part of this life practice.

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Weekly Agenda Spread

Inside the WEEKLY Planner
The Planner is designed for conscious living. Weekly prompts encourage you to align your thoughts and actions with your Core Desired Feelings—the key part of a heart-centered life. Every day has space to identify your Top 3 Important Tasks. We’ve also included prompts to get you thinking about your physical and spiritual wellness. There’s room for all of you on the agenda.

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Weekly Journaling Spread

Inside the WEEKLY Planner
Pause. This is space reflect on the past week and envision the week ahead. “What’s Not Working” and “Stop Doing” prompts help make space in your life.

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Monthly Check-in

Inside ALL Planners
When the new month begins, you’ll do an exercise to deepen into your Core Desired Feelings and your intentions.

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Astrology Guide

Inside the DAILY + WEEKLY Planners
UNDATED Planners include printable astro PDF

In-depth (yet easy-to-grasp) astro notes to help you navigate.

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The Story Behind The Words

For 2020, we chose 5 Core Desired Feelings to feature on the covers:

LOVE is the true reality—the foundation of all life.
RADIANCE is the result of giving and receiving love.
CONNECTION is a means to tapping into love.
NOURISHING is the expression of love.
JOY is the experience of being aware of our Love.

If you tune in, your heart will naturally direct you toward these life-affirming feelings. Our desire to experience and express these qualities is instinctive and universal. We’re built for them. Collectively, we’re craving these feelings more than ever.



The Desire Map Planner Program

$45 value, included free with every Planner. Bring your Core Desired Feelings alive. This is the only planner with a built-in program to help you get complete clarity on how you want to feel—AND make a mindful plan to achieve it.


Free + Clear

Your year-in-review. Reflect on what fuelled or drained you, what flopped and what soared. Take what you want forward and release the rest. This is a fun start.


Goals with soul

Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. You’ll identify 4 or 5 Core Desired Feelings to use as your planning guidance. This is poetic and deep.


core desired feelings

Rooted in your Core Desired Feelings, choose goals/intentions for the coming months. Goals with Soul, babe. This is strategy time.


Monthly planning workbook

A monthly reflection exercise to reconnect with your intentions, and refresh or commune with your Core Desired Feelings.


Planner user’S guide

A digital guide with details about the Desire Map Planner Program so you can set up your Planner and use it in a way that works for you.


weekly planner Guidance

Weekly journal prompts and ideas for planning from your heart… your Core Desired Feelings.


7-Day free access to The Desire Map Course with purchase

Included in every planner purchase, 7-Day free access to The Desire Map Course! Video love + worksheet guidance!

We’ve heard this from thousands of people, “I struggle with actually knowing what I want.” We can help with that! You are getting access to The Desire Map Course! 25 videos and 24 meaning-packed worksheets, with Danielle as your guide through a sequenced method to identify your Core Desired Feelings. It will help you tap your heart qualities and see a future that nourishes you in every way. This is really enriching inquiry with a beautiful result.

Get course access after purchase.

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What people are saying…

When I use the planner, I feel less self-judgment and more joy. I feel the blessings of my humanity and give myself permission to feel *what I want* instead of what I should want. Writing it down somehow makes it more possible.
— Jennifer S.
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As a writer and artist, I know that my main mission in life is to inspire. The Desire Map Planner coaxes me forward in aligning my life goals with my Core Desired Feelings, so my soul is more than along for the ride! I am spending my time building my spirit as I build my best life.
— Julia A.
This planner is so much more than a calendar and to-do list. Instead, it puts me in a soul-feeding, creative, zen frame of mind that carries throughout my day.
— Karen S.
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My schedule used to be jam-packed with the stupidest things so I felt busy, but so depleted. I’d hustle around looking for worthiness in all my tasks and to-do’s only to wind up feeling like I didn’t do enough. Now, with my Desire Map Planner, I design my days around how I want to feel: happy, empowered, connected, and free. It’s f-ing glorious.
— Ashley L.
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The planner keeps me organized but it also has created space for me to go deeper, both into my myself and my business. The writing prompts help keep my heart open when I am out of alignment, facilitate creative flow. It helps me focus when I’m overwhelmed and remind me what my goals are and why I am working so hard toward them — to feel nourished, freedom, and expanded happiness.”
— Desiree S.
For me, the best endorsement I know how to give a planner is this: after literally struggling all my adult life with contorting myself to fit into a time management system, this one simply WORKS FOR ME. Because at its core, the focus is on energy management.
— Julie S.

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Hello Love,

This all started with a little sticky note in my agenda, about ten years ago. I wrote down four feelings that I most wanted to experience that year. So simple. I had already written out my “goals” in the margin, but I just wasn’t that lit up. “None of these goals matter if I don’t FEEL awesome when I arrive,” I thought. And I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a paradigm shift—and a game changer.

It dawned on me it wasn’t the specific achievements that were driving me. What I was going for was the feeling I wanted to feel when I got what I wanted (or thought I wanted). 

I turned my ambition inside out. I got clear on my Core Desired Feelings. I put my goals and to-do’s in service of my heart. And that sticky note turned into a book, a facilitator's program, and this Planner collection. So there’s something to this. And with every new Day Planner edition I say, “This is even better than last year’s.” But THIS is even better. After seven years, I think we’ve got this system dialed. To sum it up:

FEELINGS FIRST, then strategy. Because when you’re clear on how you most want to feel, decisions happen with more grace. You’ll know better when to say, No, thank you, and when it’s a YES! From the micro tasks to the big stuff, this is about making more conscious choices.

I think a rich life is made of meaningfulness, and courage, and devotion to the sacred. A to-do list of obligations won't get you that. But some introspection + action just might. So this is where your heart meets your head and where your Soul directs your goals. I hope you light it up.

Here’s to Love and flexible plans,

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What’s the difference between the Daily, Weekly, and Undated Planners?

First, the size of the planner! The Daily Planner is 9.5" x 7.5" while the Weekly and Undated Planners are 8.5" x 6.75". The Daily Planner makes a beautiful office or home planner, while the Weekly is easy to carry around everywhere.

The Daily Planner goes into great detail for each day—with one page dedicated to each day of the week. The Weekly and Undated Planners look at the entire week as a one-page spread, so you can plan everything from a bird’s eye view.

What’s the month cycle of the Planner? 

The Daily and Weekly Planner are on a Jan-Dec 2020 cycle. The Undated planners can begin whenever you want! You have twelve blank months you can fill out anytime of the year.

Do Facilitators get a discount on the Planners? 

Yes! We’re giving Desire Map or Fire Starter Sessions Facilitators a big discount on the Planner Collection. When you purchase 12 or more, you get 50% off the price. And when you purchase less than 12, you get 40% off the price. Yep, you’ll get your own Planner for less! #becauseweloveyou 

Can I buy Planners in bulk?

Absolutely! You can apply to become a Retail Partner where you will receive a 40% discount when you buy 12 or more planners. This bulk discount also applies to many items in the Danielle LaPorte shop. To become a retail partner, head here.

Can I get the Planner Program without the The Desire Map Planner? 

Yes, you can purchase the Planner Program to use with any day planner or planning system.

The program is also available for you to use anytime in the year—you always have access to it, so you can go through the process whenever you start a new planner: on New Year’s, back to school time, on your birthday, seasonal changes… anytime you want to create some searing clarity for your life.

However, if you’re looking for deeper guidance on Desire Mapping, we recommend you check out The Desire Map Course (hosted by Commune).

Does the Planner Program work if I start my year in September? Or another month?

Yes! You can use the Planner Program along with the Undated Planner any time of year that resonates with you. We love New Year’s and September because it’s a great time for changes and new beginnings. You might also choose to change up your goals twice per year if you want! The whole point is feeling good… so the Planner Program is available for you whenever you begin your “new year”.

If you have any other questions not answered here, please email us at

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About the Creator 

DANIELLE LAPORTE... is the author of White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual pathfrom one seeker to another, The Fire Starter Sessions, and The Desire Map: A guide to creating goals with soul—a book that has been translated into 9 languages, evolved into this yearly day planner and journal system, a Top 10 iTunes app, and an international workshop program with over 500 licensed facilitators in 15+ countries. 

Danielle is an invited member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100. Named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes, millions of visitors go to monthly for her daily #Truthbombs and what’s been called “the best place online for kickass spirituality.” Entrepreneur magazine calls Danielle, “equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass… edgy, contrarian... loving and inspired.” 

Her charities of choice are VDay: a global movement to end violence against women and girls, and Charity Water, setting out to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world. 

She lives in Vancouver, BC. You can find her @daniellelaporte and just about everywhere on social media.