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[The Desire Map Course Club] Session 5: Past, Present, + Desired Feelings, with Danielle LaPorte

For anyone who struggles with staying in their heart-integrity when they’re stressed, unfocused, or anxious—I invite you to Session #5 of the Desire Map Course Club. It’s 60-minutes of heart-tuning + Q&A, live. You’ve done much internal work, and have so much Love to let out—this session will help clarify your Core Desired Feelings. Let’s follow the clues to your heart-signals.

The simplest way to figure out your CDFs is this: Your Core Desired Feelings are the opposite of unpleasurable feelings. Basic. All the stuff you don’t enjoy feeling… put those in reverse, et voila! PREFERRED states of being. Tired of feeling tired? Then how about Vitality, Strength, Nourishing. Joy. Let’s take a look at your Past + Present Unpleasurable experiences, so they can help you embody more heart-centered choices in the future.

This live virtual event is free—please register at WeCommune to attend.

For flow. Grace. Blessings. Enthusiasm… join here: