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[The Desire Map Course Club] Session 4: What's Not Working? with Danielle LaPorte

Part of the deep work of Desire Mapping is to attend to the things that feel bad, so we can bring them to the light.

Meet me for Session #4 of the Desire Map Course Club. In this 60-minute LIVE video session (with Q&A), I’ll guide you through an assessment of what's not working… so you can change it. I think it’s true that “What we focus on expands.” At the same time, what we aren’t aware of can rule us. The unconscious stuff in the basement of our psyches. If we put our awareness on the problem then healing can happen. We don't deny the pain or the blocks, we bring it to the surface and we get it sorted. That’s what it means to heal yourself, to be the master of your own domain.

This live virtual event is free—please register at WeCommune to attend.

For extra courage and compassion as you move through the negative, join here: