Here’s the strategy:
always start in the heart.

Welcome to The Desire Map . . .
where your self agency meets your heart intelligence.


Dear Seeker,

You get to choose how you feel… and shape your reality––it’s the ultimate self agency. Our feelings inform our thoughts. And our thoughts inform our behaviour.

Feel. Perceive. Act. Change your feelings, and you could change everything. That’s the essence of Desire Mapping.

We’ve been trained to measure our value with socialized quantifiables—grades, dollars, things, pounds, “likes”. It’s a crazy-making cycle of proving and divisiveness that’s distracting us from really living life––and from doing the healing work that the world requires.

A return to Love is the only way forward, and so… heart-centered living is a revolution.

Desire Mapping taps your heart-brain. Your heart is your true power center—its sensing, healing, and creative potential is unlimited. Science is finally backing up the power of the heart––it’s the heart vibration that cues the brain, not the other way around. Your heart can tell the difference between truth and illusion; it can transmute what’s holding us back into progress; it has the wisdom to take everything—and everyone—into consideration.

If you tune into it, the heart will constantly signal you to choose life-affirming feelings––qualities of the heart––generosity, joy, faith, freedom, Love. And when there’s so much of the opposite swirling around, choosing life-affirming feelings is an act of higher consciousness. So, let’s get into it…

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 How do you want to feel?



First, let me help you get plugged into your authentic power place––especially when you’re not feeling the way that you want to. Heart Centering is a contemplation practice I designed for energy awareness and tuning into our heart for guidance.

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Desire Mapping is a life practice that thousands of people are engaging in. Exercises for reframing your perspective, prayers, manifestation techniques, and Core Desired Feelings reflections…

We’ve created a support program:

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We have a library of tools and inspiration—daily practical + soulful. Dig in.

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The Desire Map Course: a layer-by-layer video journey + printed workbook to help you identify your Core Desired Feelings and use them to inform your thinking and actions.

I’ve partnered with Commune to create a (gorgeous) NEW video + written workshop to help you be a master Desire Mapper. It’s free for a limited time, starting May 20. You can register here.

So many of us have the procedures of achievement upside down. We go after things that are outside of ourselves, but what we’re really reaching for is a feeling. When we combine our freewill with our Core Desired Feelings, we become intentional creators. Inner attunement = wiser attainment.

Full hearted,

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