You want to make progress, do more of what feels good, and less of what feels bad. But before we make a plan or set a goal, we need to pause. And reflect.

Self-reflection is how you build inner strength—it’s how your “energy” does yoga. Our collective anguish is the result of endlessly producing and proving without reflection. We can’t make personal or collective progress without being reflective. 

Stop. Breathe. Look. Learn. THEN make plans. Then dance with those plans.

The REVIEW TO RENEW process is where we analyze the recent past in order to become more conscious. How does this serve my highest good—and society? Is this a core desire, or a shiny distraction? Is this an ego-dominant choice, or a heart calling? 

This is an intelligent and spiritual excavation process. And I’ll be guiding you through each step.

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Inner attunement before
outer attainment.

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I’ll ask you questions we rarely ask of ourselves.

At this time last year… who were you becoming? What was your state of heart, and your state of mind? What did you say Yes to that brought you to where you are now?

Plan from clarity, not conflicted desires.

We’ll align with intuition (and then logic) to get really clear on what lit you up and what dragged you down, so you can plan to let go of what holds you back, and so you build vitalizing activities and ideas into your plans.

When we expand our inner perspective, our goals may change.

You’re not beholden to any dream, ambition, or expectation. You are the author of your life. You narrate your past story and you write the next scene. Pause. Assess. Unfold—with intention.



Plan from an expanded perspective,
not a limited past.

Before we move-leap-rock into action we need start with stillness. Underneath all of our past doings, our heart and subconscious were experiencing things even if we weren’t tuning in. Events have imprinted on your psyche. The heart’s intelligence is the best GPS. We’re going to recalibrate before we make another move.

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This practice is especially potent…

  • After a life shift: a break-up, an empty nest, a new job, any catalyzing moment.

  • At the beginning of a new season (Hello, Autumn! Spring!) or during a new/full moon.

  • Before a new year: your birthday, the new school year, religious holidays, January 1st.

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But it’s always a good time to

clarify where you’ve been,

so tomorrow takes you where

you want to go.


If we want to be intentional creators—to live PROactively, instead of reactively—then before we move forward, we pause and reflect. We integrate. Then we emerge

Essentially everything I try to put into the world is a tool for reflection. Consciousness-building, love-expanding. Whether it’s a just a quick share on social media, or something programmatic. I want us to reflect, reflect, reflect. And then be-make-rise. 

REVIEW TO RENEW is about choosing how you think and feel about your past. Because how you regard your past influences how your future unfolds. The more intentional we are, the more beauty we are bound to create.

One Love,



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