The Desire Map Planner Praise: Sabrina

Feeling good is the whole point with the Desire Map Planner

This will be my second year using The Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte. The absolute thing that sets this planner apart from others is that the Desire Map Planner is based on how you want to feel in your life. Feeling good is the whole point! The planner introduces you to discovering your Core Desired Feelings and at the end of each week you will be given different "soul prompts", "stop doing", "want to change", and "gratitude" sections to explore. There is also a page each week to write down, ideas, desires, and wisdom. This weekly planner is the perfect size with the week over two pages and the monthly calendar over two pages. It's so easy to carry. I can throw it my tote bag for client meetings and snuggle up with it when I want to make soulful plans! My planner from 2016 is still beautiful and like new. This is a really well made and luxurious planner.