The Desire Map Facilitator Program Praise: Sarah H

As a coach, Meghan leads with her fierce commitment to living in alignment, coupled with her tender sensitivity. Meghan is a genius at creating safe, nonjudgmental space to help me find what is most true for me — to encourage me to get in touch with what I most want, and then create it. She also has an incredible capacity to be with all feelings at all volumes.

Through coaching with Meghan, I have transformed my level of confidence in myself. Meghan helped me identify areas where I was holding myself back, and let go of limiting beliefs about the value of what I have to share. She coached me through a process of “updating” my outer appearance and the way that I organize and present myself. After working with Meghan, my inner experience of who I am matches the way I show up in the world more than ever before, and I feel light, energized, and free.

Sarah H