The Desire Map Facilitator Program Praise: Megan K

I LOVED IT! I actually came in feeling really chaotic and left feeling so at peace.

I had never heard of Desire Mapping before and the class reinforced the power of writing down your thoughts and having a visual reference to guide you. My biggest takeaway was 60 minutes (or less) can make a world of a difference. I like to see the before/after so noting how I feel and how I want to feel before starting, then coming back to it afterwards was extremely effective for me. I really enjoyed how Katie incorporated the yoga practice into the Desire Map process. I was feeling low energy so it was enough to get my energized but not so difficult that I felt defeated and unable to do it. Katie’s passion, energy and presence made me feel at home. She’s very welcoming and reassuring. I will be back for more FOR SURE!

Megan K