The Desire Map Facilitator Program Praise: Katie R

The transformation happened when I got to the core of it. I put on this excess weight because I wanted to hide. I wanted to protect myself. I used my weight as ‘bubble wrap.’ Once I realized that my desire was to be seen, making the shifts with my health, my weight loss and my life happened. Thanks Katie for teaching me how to get to my core desired feeling of being seen…can’t believe the results! In fact, I had a stye in my eye for the past 2 years. It didn't go away, but I was told it was not urgent, so not to worry about it. This week it actually fell off. I got to thinking about that, and I think it's really interesting since we were talking about actually seeing myself again, and not being afraid to use my eyes to do that. Powerful. I thank you so much for helping me find my renewed strength and motivation to reclaim my body and myself.

Katie R