The Desire Map Facilitator Program Praise: Julie O

Before I could even work with my core desired feelings and be on my merry way, shit needed to hit the fan, so to speak. Like the legendary phoenix rising from the ashes, it was change at a deep soul level. Major shifts needed to happen, and Allison’s classes opened up floodgates to an essential transformation process. I’m an empath and introvert; so self-reflection through journaling every day was a must. Analyzing and picking apart dreams, thoughts, and behaviors revealed a lot of profound aha moments: where I came from (my lineage), where I am now, and where I want to go. I was able to access the CDFs at a higher level and focus on them, and be in their sacred space without distractions. I really can’t think of a more honest, approachable mentor to work with than Allison. If I were you, I’d sign up in a heartbeat, because it’s a golden opportunity you’ll want to take advantage of right now. Five years from now, you’ll look back at Allison’s Desire Map Workshop as the pivot point where everything shifted and you became who you were truly meant to be, living the life you were truly meant to live.

Julie O