The Desire Map Facilitator Program Praise: Jenna T

I had the pleasure and good fortune to attend one of the first Desire Map Beta Workshops, which was held in November in the San Francisco Bay, with Fernanda Bressan. The experience of the Workshop was a transformative one for me and for many of the other participants. It was a day of profound connection with ourselves and with each other. Fernanda brought a wide open and positive energy to the group and to the Desire Map Workshop experience. Her voice and her presence added so much value to our shared experiences that day. Since the workshop, the connections within our group have continued to strengthen and deepen through our active Facebook group. This has been invaluable to the continuation of our Desire Map process beyond the Workshop, and Fernanda has been one of the clear leaders of this group. Her skills in connecting, reaching out, digging deep, and supporting our group have been essential, and I couldn't imagine having gone through this process without her leadership and support.

Jenna T