The Desire Map Facilitator Program Praise: Isa C

Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful Desire Map workshop. It truly was every way. Your personal touch of welcoming us into your beautiful home and nourishing us with yummy fresh local food enhanced the experience exponentially. A divine experience for all the senses. A favorite moment — setting flight to our wish lanterns and feeling everyone's overflowing joy as we watched them lift off with all their brightness into the dark skies! Your gentle leadership created a kind space for each of us to open to our vulnerabilities and explore our feelings...together... in conversation, in silence, with tears and connection all circled with endless laughter. Wonderful!

I have to say that I've attended numerous workshops and groups over the last 20 years and there is something so beautiful about this work and the way Fernanda presented it to us that was very special. It has stayed with me and has left me wanting to explore it in a much deeper way.

Isa C