The Desire Map Facilitator Program Praise: Emily H

The combination of Louise George — whose podcast I listened to and had been following on social media for a while so I had a good vibe from her even though I hadn't met her — plus the Journey Dance and Yoga being taught by an instructor whose classes I'd already been to and who I knew had done Louise's Desire Map workshop, all compelled me to attend this event. It all felt connected in the right way.

My experience was amazing! So wonderful. The venue was magical; we Desire Mapped in an amazing library that used to belong to the economist Keynes and there were incredible views of England at its best. Louise was powerful, gentle, kind and her facilitation felt solid, clear and grounding.  She made everything feel possible — not in an unrealistic way but in a believable way — even taking into account how my life was feeling before the retreat. Yoga and Journey Dance made for amazing partners for The Desire Map.

Feeling my Core Desired Feelings are closer than I thought — after a depressing time at work, etc. — it renewed me to feel they are close, and I can have fun moving towards them every day.

Emily H