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The Desire Map Book Praise: Samantha Reynolds

My only mistake was starting to read The Desire Map at night. I couldn’t put it down, madly scouring my heart for longing, writing down my desires with clarity I haven’t felt for years. Thank you so much for this. It’s straightforward and yet deeply poetic. It’s big and beautiful and generous and profound. I don’t say this lightly – it changes everything.

Samantha Reynolds, Founder and President, Echo Memoirs

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The Desire Map Book Praise: Catherine Just

"The Desire Map has already shifted how I feel inside. The feeling? Calm. Peaceful. Connected. On purpose. I've stopped the striving. I've stopped looking outward and comparing myself to others and feeling like I need to go go go to catch up. There's nothing to catch up to. It's just me, and the universe, co-creating the feelings I want to have and the desired outcome has been more meaningful than any how-to / self-help / business guide I have read.

Her other book, The Fire Starter Sessions, jump-started my current career and put me on the path to doing exactly what I love and being more clear about my vision.

The Desire Map has me fainting with the wisdom-bombs, internal shifts and made everything worth focusing on sink in even deeper.

I literally get tears in my eyes when I think about how this program is shifting my perception and helping me to really go after what is truly important and to let go of the rest.

Danielle LaPorte fills these pages with so much valuable insight, tips, suggestions, and I haven't even gotten to the workbook portion yet! Yep, this one is not to be missed. I am grateful for the work she does. My life and my business."

Catherine Just,

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The Desire Map Book Praise: Nisha Moodley

You have crafted pure magic with The Desire Map. A total work of heart and art, Danielle. Thank you.

Most of us are so busy planning that we forget what we're planning for. You've ignited a reverence for our desires in a way that brings meaning back to our daily actions. The Desire Map is a life-changer.

Nisha Moodley,

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The Desire Map Book Praise: Kate Swoboda

Desire. Feelings. Wants. Discipline. Choices. Goals.

These can feel complicated to tease out, but The Desire Map helps you to relate to all of them, differently. If you’re tired of the usual “to-do list” of goals, and want to know how to make goals that are rich with meaning, The Desire Map walks you through that process.

It’s part philosophy, part practical action, broken down into meaty modules that ask you to get truthful, invite you to playfully get real about what you desire, and to take inspired action.

Kate Swoboda,

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The Desire Map Book Praise: Molly Mahar

Seriously, where to even start with how much I loved it... It's the exact conversation I've been wanting to have with myself about letting "feeling good" lead the way. And then delivered in your hypnotizing words? SOLD. As someone who is always seeking that balance of ambition and presence, your love letter to Desire was just what I needed, D. There were so many little aha explosions for me. This truly spoke to me, confirming so much of what's been going on in my heart about wanting and trust and allowing. Thank you for this truth.

Molly Mahar,

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