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Discover Your Why : A Desire Map Workshop with Sarah Wahiba Senan

  • 20 WInter Place, East Rutherford, NJ 07063 20 WInter Place East Rutherford, NJ 07063 United States (map)

Come join Sarah Wahiba Senan and other like-minded individuals for a morning of putting your goals aside - for now - and focusing on how you want to FEEL, using The Desire Map process.

The Desire Map is a goal setting system that flips traditional goal setting. Instead of focusing on external things and accomplishments like getting the house, making the big salary, or buying that sports car you’ve always wanted, you FIRST identify how you want to feel (Grounded, Afluent, Sexy) and THEN determine what it will take for you to generate those feelings. It’s a fresh take on goal setting that puts the internal before the external.

As a Desire Map Facilitator, Sarah utilizies principles from her coaching practice, as well as cultivates experiences, to help guide you towards clarity in choosing how you want to feel and show up for your life. From this place, you will be able to make decisions, and ultimately choose goals, that feel aligned to you. Imagine no longer going after goals or buying things, hoping they'll make you happy, just to be disappointed, because you still don’t have the feeling you were after.

Sarah will guide you to do some inner soul work to acknowledge what’s working well for you now, and to take a look at what’s not working at all, in multiple areas of your life. She will then create space for the group, as you explore how you truly want to feel and redefine the way you want your life to move forward. Sarah will actively coach workshop participants as they go on a deep dive to find the feelings that feel like home for them.

This workshop is for you if you’ve ever went after a goal, and felt a sense of emptiness when you achieved It. Or if you’ve ever felt like you keep turning your wheels, just to feel stuck when advancing towards what you want. Or just had an icky relationship to goal setting, but want to figure out a way that will create more ease to help you get what you want. You’ll walk away feeling refreshed, determined, and ready to embrace the next step for you!