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Desire Map Workshop with Christy Bond

  • Salt Lake City, Utah, USA SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES (map)

It sounds simple to define why you are chasing whatever it is that you are chasing, but most of us have this upside down. We've been told all our lives that to feel good we must approach life by going after external rewards or goals: the house, the car, the career, the kids, etc.

What if we identify how we wanted to FEEL? Perhaps alive, centered and open? And THEN determine what steps it takes to generate those feelings? What if those FEELINGSguide our everyday decisions?

"You're Not Chasing The Goal, You're Chasing The Feelings That Attaining Those Goals Will Give You!"

The Desire Map Workshop allows you to do just that. Desire Mapping is a journey inward discovering how you most want to feel in your life and then using those feelings as your guidance system.

"Goals That Feed Your Soul Are Rooted In Your Core Desires."

Discover how you want to feel. Feelings aligned with your soul. And then prioritize your goals so that chasing them feels just as good as achieving them. Feeling good is the whole game.