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Soul Therapy Sessions

Soul Therapy session are coaching with a bit of intuitive guidance. The focus of this work is to better understand our soul’s work. We explore limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and gremlins that may be holding us back from truly living our best life. Strategies are developed to let go of what isn’t serving the best interest-- clear the way for new paths and heartfelt expression. I mix this work with my natural intuitive information to help clients dig deep and explore new paths.

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Thought Adjustment Process

What thoughts or beliefs would keep you from experiencing your core desired feelings? During each session we will address a different underlying belief system that is operating in opposition to what you want. During the week you will begin implementing our atonement exercise and we will communicate via email about breakthroughs, setbacks and new observations that arise.

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Brave Wisdom: Life Transformed Coaching

I'm on a mission to help working parents get clear on their core desires so they can be present for the moments that matter at work and in life! BRAVE WISDOM is taking the steps necessary to put your self-care on the priority list without it being one more "to do". It is about listening to your hearts desires and being supported in your plan to reboot your life into what you want it to be.

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