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Aligned and Abundant Life + Biz Coaching

You deserve all the abundance and connection and joy in the world. Your life and your business can give you all of that and more and you don't have to hustle for it. Here's how: 1) Get clear on how you want to feel. 2) Discover and set your goals with soul. 3) Align your energy with your Core Desired Feelings in mind so that you're going after your goals already feeling how you want to feel. 4) Re-align.

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1:1 Desire Map Coaching

As a passionate soul coach, I help my clients figure out how they really want their lives to look and create step-by-step plans to get there—FAST! Whether it's Desire Mapping for life or Fire Starter Sessions for business, my clients leave with the tools they need to create a life they love. We’ll meet every week or every fortnight (depending on what suits you best) for four 1.5 hour sessions to discover your core desired feelings and create life goals that will feel amazing when you achieve them.

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Holistic Life Coaching

The packages I offer tied to "The Desire Map" (5 Sessions) and "The Firestarter Sessions" (10 Sessions) are designed to invite all aspects of you into the process. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I love to weave mindfulness practices (of which I am a practitioner and educator) as well as other "life skills" into the beauty that is Danielle LaPorte's work, providing my clients with a very well-rounded experience.

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