YOUniversity Private Tutoring

COACH: Kelsey Cleveland


You desire. Think of me as your YOUniversity private tutor helping you on the most important subject you could ever study—yourself—or how to “happy.” If you're reading The Desire Map book or taking the Commune Course, you don't have to pursue your desires on your own. I custom design coaching packages to support you. As a result, you'll get you out of your head so you'll start to plan your days, weeks, and years by your inner GPS, otherwise known as your Core Desired Feelings.

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I help intelligent, highly-educated women who want to be happier in their personal and professional lives. They’re frustrated and confused about how to find the “right” path forward on their own. Inspired by The Desire Map, I help these Type-A goal getters uncover their desires so they can design a life that feels good.

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