Thought Adjustment Process

COACH: Danielle Morvan


What thoughts or beliefs would keep you from experiencing your core desired feelings? During each session we will address a different underlying belief system that is operating in opposition to what you want. During the week you will begin implementing our atonement exercise and we will communicate via email about breakthroughs, setbacks and new observations that arise.

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I combine my training as a facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie with my Desire Map Facilitator training, to support you in questioning the thoughts, that create the feelings that are in opposition to your Core Desired Feelings. The Thought Adjustment process will take you through a deep self-inquiry process to determine the genuine, often unconscious beliefs you hold about yourself and the world. We then create a belief map to demonstrate how these beliefs have shaped your current world. These limiting beliefs once identified and acknowledged as fundamentally untrue are then let go and replaced with truer, kinder beliefs that support you in living authentically from your Core Desired Feelings.

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