Soul Therapy Sessions

COACH: Holly Segur


Soul Therapy Sessions are coaching with a bit of intuitive guidance. The focus of this work is to better understand our soul’s work. We explore limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and gremlins that may be holding us back from truly living our best life. Strategies are developed to let go of what isn’t serving the best interest-- clear the way for new paths and heartfelt expression. I mix this work with my natural intuitive information to help clients dig deep and explore new paths.

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Hello, I’m honored to have this chance to meet!

I’m a single mom of two teenagers, who are going to do amazing things in this world. I am also a busy corporate executive with a lifelong dream to own my own business. Not just any business, but a business that can make a difference in the world.

I am also an empathic intuitive (yep, I’m a psychic) who has helped dozens of people find their way through life’s challenges.

I have had a charmed life, punctuated by moments of incredible stress and trauma. I have suffered heart wrenching loss (people and financial), repeatedly invited dysfunction into my relationships (and subsequently left that behind), and I have lost... and found myself at least 6 times in my 50+ years of living (there will be a book on my life, I’m relatively certain). I was at the peak of my career; my children were thriving, and I was solidly adjusted in my single life. just wasn’t good anymore.

I stumbled upon Danielle LaPorte and her incredible books. I started with White Hot Truth, and instantly dove into both The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions. Before I even finished reading, I felt I had a new purpose. I learned how to structure my goals around how I wanted to feel. That turned my life right side up for the first time! I am making better choices about how I spend my time because honestly, I was spending a lot of my time numbing myself from stress. I also now know who I want to spend my time with.

Today, I have clarity on how I want to feel! I design my week/life around activities and people who bring me to my core desired feelings. I make better choices. I live with greater purpose. And I’m doing what I absolutely love—helping people become the best version of themselves. I cannot wait to share more of my journey with you.

How are YOU feeling?

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