One-on-One Desire Mapping

COACH: Debra Stewart


As a transformational coach, I bring over 25 years of working with people of all ages, as a parent, a teacher, a human resources professional, and a professional personal development and career coach to the work I do. I love working one on one with lovely souls looking for more meaning and clarity, mining for and uncovering your Core Desired Feelings through a safe and respectful conversation.

Transformation. This captures the essence of my work—helping those who are at some sort of turning point, some change, or new circumstance, to find their wings… and fly! Big transitions I have experienced include spousal loss, living through grief, blended families, step-parenting, divorce, navigating re-marriage, eldercare—all of which involve loss, regaining balance, and moving on, in one form or another. And, if you find yourself in any one of these situations, do you long to just have someone who might understand, and who might listen—listen while you find the answers inside? Getting to the root of what you truly desire is a great place to prepare for or move through these transformations, and not just survive, but truly thrive.

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Leveraging my experience and interest in self-development and personal leadership, I provide a wide range of coaching and facilitation services. I have been in the people-development business all of my career—from teaching, to human resources—and now I love working as a Coach and Desire Map Facilitator. I bring many certifications and training, including being a Certified Professional Coach (ICF certified), am a CPHR, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and am trained in other assessment tools. Clear decision making, self-confidence, more effective self-advocacy, and identifying and creating meaningful goals are some of the results individuals experience when working with me.

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