Desire Map Mastermind - 5-pack 1:1 Coaching Sessions

COACH: Brooke Maggs


My ideal client is a woman who feels like she's been giving work the best part of herself and leaving the crumbs for her family. She's a high-achiever who feels overwhelmed and over-scheduled. She's tired of feeling tired, critical, and brittle and wants to find a way to find more connection, joy and satisfaction whilst still working towards her goals. The Desire Map Mastermind Coaching Pack will support women to practically embed the Desire Map principles into their daily lives whilst juggling their career, family and home responsibilities. 

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As an executive coach, facilitator, and leader for more than 15 years, Brooke understands the challenges of managing a pressure-filled career with raising a family and nurturing a long-term relationship. When her 12-year marriage ended 6 years ago, she received a wake-up call about the consequences of long term disconnection and numbness. She sees so many women like her old self - just getting by, spread too thinly, cranky, critical, exhausted, with a longing in their bodies they can't put a finger on.

She is passionate about developing emotional intelligence and helping overwhelmed and over-scheduled women rediscover their sense of self and their sensual spark to feel good and make love last.

She believes that by tending to your inner spark, your entire life can be transformed.

She uses her 3-step system to help women come home to themselves and have their deepest needs met.

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