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Pyeongtaek, South Korea


Coaching, Yoga, Essential Oils

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After I had my second son, I spent thousands of dollars on a business I ended up not wanting and sacrificed precious time with my family because I thought if I just work harder, just found the right thing eventually everything would get easier and I would have the life I really wanted.

I never would have thought I would find the freedom I craved in practicing and teaching yoga. Or that connecting with myself, my loved ones and how I really want to feel would make me feel more abundant than any money I could have earned in that business I was building. The more grateful I am, the more pleasure & ease I have in my life, the more abundant my life is.

And I am so grateful that I get to help women do the same.

I love helping ambitious moms with small businesses find clarity and connected that with strategy to stop hustling and create heart centered lives & businesses.

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Deep Connection, Radiant, Heart Centered, Ease & Flow, Worthy




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