Suleyka Montpetit

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Montreal, QC, Canada


Content Development, Strategic Consulting, Coaching, Website Design

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Suleyka is a creative entrepreneur, content strategist, web designer, project development advisor, connector, consultant, coach, catalyst of possibility and much more. 

She serves solo entrepreneurs, small companies and non-profit organization who share a vision of a kind, inspired and sustainable world.  

An autodidact at heart, her dynamic and intuitive personality has led her to thrown herself at everything she was passionate about, all around the world: yoga in India, shamanism in Brazil, pilgrimages in Spain, music and personal growth all over the West Coast of the US and various creative and entrepreneurial ventures in Montreal, where she lives and works.

She truly believes that everyone has the ability the create a life of purpose, ease and freedom in accordance to their values and feels that the experimental attitude she has learned through her path allows her to serve others on the way.

Core desired feelings

creatively engaged, pure love, vibrant, inspired, connected




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