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Round Rock, TX, USA


Coaching, Creativity, Voice, Relationships, Children

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Like you, I have many roles in my life - mother, wife, teacher, student, daughter, friend, sister, boss, employee, creator, coach, musician, entertainer, lover, philosopher, leader, seeker, etc.. Each role and experience has held many lessons for me that have informed the way I move in and experience my life. Today, I am a pied-piper for following your dreams and an advocate for the most important relationship in the world, the one with our Self. We are more than cells and bones and fluids and tissues. We are more than thoughts and ideas. We are more than our jobs or roles or responsibilities. But sometimes, we get lost in all of that. In the physique for physique's sake workouts, the morning routine for routine's sake to-do lists, the conference calls, the meetings, the relationship responsibilities, the food or activity rut, the "grind" - getting lost in the forest of roles we play, often looking at the shiny light of technology as a beacon or buoy to steady and/or guide us. When all along, the very most important conversations and guidance and most badass personal GPS is happening - in our very cells and bones and fluids and tissues. In our thougths and ideas. And in our distraction, we can miss it.

Work with the Desire Map has profoundly impacted my life and provides a framework for tuning in, for noticing and listening unlike anything I have ever encountered before. It is a beautiful invitation to really connect to who I am and what I really want in this life and that clarity informs how I want to show up in the world. My Core Desired Feelings have become an integral part of my life and are infused into each of my roles, relationships, and activities in ways that elevate each experience and makes even the seemingly mundane, extraordinary. I am excited to help others experience this awesomeness. And I am honored to help guide adults and children alike as they navigate a way back to themselves and discover (or uncover in many cases) their true power, their voice, and their infinite potential. It is a great joy to see people connect with their Core Desired Feelings and use them to consciously curate their lives.

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Core desired feelings

Radiant, Bodacious, Resonant, Joy, Flow