Renee Vos de Wael

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Calgary, AB, Canada


Animal communication - Animal soul coaching - Pilates - Meditation

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I’m an animal soul coach— the kind who reconnects you with your lost identity. That identity your animal sees in you every-time you two spend time together.

The kind who takes the fear out of reclaiming your voice

Even if you have what looks like a successful life on the surface.

When you put aside your never ending to-do list, when you release your responsibilities, and tuck the family peace-keeper badge back in the drawer...

What’s left?

Do you know who you are on the other side of your family/life/career responsibilities?

Somewhere along the way you may have lost sight of who you used to be to make everyone around you happy.

What happens when you stop adjusting to please others?

That’s where I want to meet you.

I’m here to hold up the mirror to your greatness.

Beneath the layers of making everyone else’s dreams come true...

I’ll create a safe space for you to make the changes your muffled soul so desperately needs. Once the song of your soul is unleashed you’ll watch the world unfold at your fingertips.

The only question left to ask once our work begins is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

One word. Fear.

It’s a chasm you have to cross. But I’m here to extend my hand and help you to the other side.

You can let all the balls you have in the air drop.
You can put yourself back on top of your to-do list.
Your world won’t crumble if you take a breath.

Career burnout, deciding if you want a family, and all the other paper dragons in your mind can easily be dissolved.

My job is to reconnect you with the woman who’s laying dormant inside of you. The one who fearlessly steps into change with the tools to uplift her life.

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animals - nature - stillness - trust - truth