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Seattle, WA, USA


Mentorship, Law Of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks, Visionary Entrepreneurs

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Hi! Along with being a Desire Map Facilitator, I'm also the Founder of Happy Joyful People Inc and a Vibrational Mentor for other entrepreneurs. 

I bring together & optimize teams and systems in order to make a substantial positive impact on the world, and I love to mentor other entrepreneurs to do the same. 

My main focus is to help trainers, coaches and experts get their life-changing messages out through blending online events, digital programs, and products with offline events & community building strategies in order to widen the ripple of their reach and empower as many people as want to be empowered. 

"I love to empower business owners and entrepreneurs through more efficient business & community building processes, and smarter technology. I also love that entrepreneurship is one industry where the bigger you are as a person, the more successful you are likely to be. I mentor my clients and my teams as much as I can to help them be the biggest person they can be.” 

I'm passionate about living a happy, joyful life and has managed to fill my life full of love, abundance, ease and delight using the very tools I share, teach and demonstrates in my events & courses.

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Core desired feelings

pleasure, play, nourish, thrive, strong

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Pleasure | Play | Strong | Nourish | Powerful

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I've done it a few times... in 2012 I first started using Grids, something Abraham-Hicks was talking about. It was essentially a list of core desired feelings that I encouraged myself to feel every day to bring to me more things that felt like that. It completely turned my life around and I started to seriously thrive, for the first time ever in my life. 

And the last time I did it was this week. I'm hosting my first workshop as a Desire Map licensee this weekend to a group of my favorite, most amazing and beautiful women from our local Abe community. I realized that I had lost touch with 4 of my 5 CDFs (in fact, I was hard-pressed to even REMEMBER them). And then I realized I was having to teach this and radiate my Core Desire Feelings this weekend if I was going to be any good to anyone, and that lit a fire under my bum! 

I sat in my bed in the softest modal robe one morning, surrounded by my books, my laptop and my favorite water bottle. The birds in the trees outside provided the soundtrack, and the sun lit up my wood floors and made them glow. 

I had slept in, meditated and then I was ready to rock and roll. I had already had a few CDFs rolling around in my head the few days before, so I started with those, and then went back to my last workbook to see what the life areas were, and the feeling words I had already written down, and see what lit up for me. 

I love doing it this way because I was completely in my element: rested, happy (sunny floors and songbirds are two of my favorite things) and I knew I would be completely uninterrupted for 3-4 hours if I wanted to be. 

Total quiet and focus, plus a reason to be efficient is usually a magical formula for me. 

Now I've got 5 Core Desired Feelings that make me shine and remind me to relish the best of life. I have my North Star again!

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

When I was totally reinventing myself a few years ago (an amicable divorce left me in the state of "Ok, well... NOW what do I want to do?"), I started playing with something called "Grids". 

It's a tool that Abraham-Hicks talks about, and it's all based on "How do you want to feel?" I built a grid for how I wanted to feel in my life... it had 15-20 feeling words on it, and they all juiced me up! I'd sit in my bed at night before going to sleep and look at my grid and let my imagination run wild. 

I had feelings on my grid like "thrive" and "abundant" and "simple", so I'd ask myself, "What does abundance in my romantic life look like? What does abundance look like in my wallet? My bank account? What does thriving look like in my career? What does thriving look like in my home life?"

And because the questions were so positively stated AND open-ended, my mind started to open to new ways that I could experience those emotions and to enhance and build on that vibration. 

It was easy, it was fun and it was POWERFUL! I went through a massive transformation from caterpillar to abundant butterfly in just a few months, and that grid, the very early version of my Core Desired Feelings, seemed to be the major catalyst for the big changes. 

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

I'm passionate about sharing this work because I worked too hard for too long - and now I can look back and see how unnecessary it was. 

There is an easy way, and the easy way is to tap into the energy of the life you want to live and let IT come you you. 

I believe that we are all eminently worthy of everything we desire. 

Life SHOULD be fun and full of joy and interesting and engaging and a grand adventure! 

And I love to be the reminder of that for others. 




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