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Sarasota, FL, USA


Business Consulting, Health Coaching, Natural Health + Beauty, Entrepreneurship, Holistic Health

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Hi there! By day I am the owner and wellness junkie at Wild Ginger Apothecary, a natural health + beauty shop / studio / lounge. I have been everything from a licensed builder to a business consultant to a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and I use all those experiences in my practice and business today. I am a soul searcher, explorer, foodie, puppy lover, water baby, yogi, and dreamer; and am so thrilled to bring The Desire Map to the Sarasota community.

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Core desired feelings

joy, passion, love, inspired, creative, balance, ease, vibrant, abundant

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Ease. Inspired. Vibrant. Abundant. Bliss. Joy. 

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I began the Desire Map after my first run with The Firestarter Sessions. I chipped away during periods of transition with my career, during a sabbatical in Costa Rica, and then completing during the fruition of my current business.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

Love what you do, do what you love. It's the entire reason I left corporate jobs {twice}, industries that weren't intrinsically rewarding, salaried positions, and the hamster wheel of lost passion. My Core Desired Feelings have helped form my business and relationships to be full of love, inspiration, and vitality. 

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

My world has shifted dramatically since surrounding myself with passionate, motivated, creative, joyous souls daily. I love sharing that opportunity with others, to collaborate and celebrate our happiness together!




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