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Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Photography, Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, Facilitation, Mindfulness

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My name is Louise Williams… I am a North Queensland girl who met a Sydney boy named Phil… We married in 2004 and live in beautiful Brisbane… My daughter’s name is Melodie and she has fur……yes, I am a mother to a furbaby… In a former life I was a Psychologist with a successful private practice (yes, that’s right and no I am not reading your mind right now *grin*) and a primary school teacher… I have a soft spot for lindt chocolate and a delicious pasta… I am friendly, flexible, and always upfront with the people in my life… My quirky sense of humour tends to influence my connection with others… I am known for my laughter and easy going nature… I am always professional and have a high sense of personal ethics… I have intertwined art and music throughout all parts of my life… I never shy away from difficult situations … I try to maintain life balance, but I am notorious for being a night owl… I always aim for quality. Quality over quantity… I love challenging my clients to embrace what they so very much desire to be… I love getting to know each and everyone of my clients…like they are family…

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