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Austin, Texas, USA


Women's Retreats, Prana Shakti Movement Therapy, Speaker Coordinator, Clean Living Blogger

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My younger self somehow managed to survive my tan, bad 80's hair, aerobics, low-fat/high-sugar diets, high-stress jobs requiring suits and pantyhose, divorce(s) and an infertility struggle that brought me to my knees - and thus became my biggest teacher and enabled me to dig deep and become who I was meant to be. At this fabulous juncture in my "middle aged" life, I go where the love is, along with whatever turns me on/makes me tick/blows my skirt up. I am awake, engaged, present and alive to what feels good and right for me and I love learning and being exposed to new info and ways of existing and creating that enable myself and other women to thrive vs. survive. I am deeply grateful to teach what I have learned.

I work individually with women and also host small group retreats in Driftwood, Texas, where I include elements of The Desire Map process to empower others to determine and honor their core desired feelings. I also include "Prana Shakti" dance movement, a process I've studied extensively with Dr. Deborah Kern that releases stuck energies like resentment, fear, sadness and doubt while expanding joy and love. I desire to work with and inspire women to align with their highest selves. I also coordinate special events and facilitate speakers series for clients in this realm.

My best advice when you're in a funk? Shake your groove thing and sing out loud. In the shower, in the back yard, while you're doing the dishes - just do it, even for just one song. Your whole being will instantly thank you for it.

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