Jo Ann Koniuch

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Alma, ON, Canada


Whole Self Lifestyle Coaching - Move*Nourish*Create

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I was 40 when I began my quest to set down the battle armour that I was fighting myself with! The judgements, the comparisons, the negative self talk and the need to fit into societies perfection scale! When I say it took me 40 years to like myself; I am being totally honest! My invitation to you through my work; is to find your Self sooner, so you can love your Self longer!

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Core desired feelings

Creative, Fluid, Magical

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

creative, fluid, magical

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I Desire Map 'At Home'; all my best work happens where I am most comfortable ... for me that is at home!

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

With the clarity found through desire mapping I am able to align action with feelings; goals with soul! I am making more progress in all areas of my life and living with an authenticity I didn't know was possible!

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

I am a teacher at my core, I have been teaching fitness, nutrition and yoga for 12 years; and in the past two years introduced mindset mentoring.  
My own journey into mindful living and gratitude based attitude lead me to Desire Mapping; and because I share everything I learn that is beneficial - Desire Mapping has found a home in my repertoire!




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