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Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK


Management, Coaching, Life Coaching, Life Planning, Clarity, Values, Lifestyle Design, Emotional Literacy, Wellness, Mentoring

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I'm a passionate reader, writer, cook, gardener, friend, and creative. I love to get my hands in the earth, ideas in my head, good food in my belly, and laughter in my heart. If you show me a cute picture of your pet I will shower them and you with love. 

As a mentor my deepest wish is to inform, inspire, guide and support people who want to create a deeply satisfying, happy and whole-hearted life. Making connections and sharing my knowledge, experience and wisdom makes me truly happy and fulfilled.

I found Desire Map and suddenly realised I wasn't alone in my search of a life based upon achieving how I most wanted to feel, rather than the standard formula for living. I has already begun making choices based on how I wanted to feel - but the Desire Map gave me clarity, traction, inspiration, and connection. I can't wait to share all of my experience with you - wholeheartedly.

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joy, abundance, balance, vitality, freedom




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