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Bellingham, WA, USA


Nonprofits, Tarot

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I’m a consultant, coach and trainer, mostly for nonprofit organizations and the people who work with and for them. That’s what I’ve done for the last 20 years and I love it. You can read about that in the bio on my website.

The Desire Map came later.  

At a women's workshop a couple of years ago, my friend Sara was writing in her journal and I commented on its beauty.  She said, “Do you know Danielle LaPorte?” I didn’t, and she began to tell me about Core Desired Feelings, about Truthbombs, about Firestarter. And resonance happened --a little thrill of "yes!"

I took a deep breath and waded in. Two years later I'm a Desire Map Facilitator, have worked my way through the knowledge base, experienced Level 1 and 2 alone with the workbook and with an online facilitator. 

I’ve gotten to my own CDFs – Bountiful, Radiant, Authentic, Magic. I’ve examined and reexamined the potential of each one as it takes root and then blooms. They’re right for me, right now, and I keep them top of mind–first tool out of the box to build the day. The result? Calmer, happier, more focus, less stress, no compartments –feeding, not draining; and WAY more to give. What you see is what you get. I LOVE using The Desire Map.

Now I've worked 1:1 with clients who also have loved The Desire Map.  
I'm offering live, single day, Level 1 workshops here in Bellingham AND 
6-week group virtual workshops AND 
always the wildly satisfying 1:1 relationships that come with Desire Map private coaching.
Level 2 is coming soon.

I can't wait. 

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