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Knowing Your Desires Through Your Body, Coaching, Energy Work, Creativity, Bodywork, Writing

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Happiness Coach | Bodywork | Writer

In everyday conversation, I call myself a Happiness Coach. It's basically what I do - help people feel their Joy in a new way and transform their lives with it.

That's why we're Desire Mapping, right?

And you already know happiness goes farther than that. We get to dive into the words and the feelings, the richness rolling through your body that makes you feel vibrant and alive. We get to make it bigger, better, more filling - more than you thought possible. 

At least, that's how it happens for me. 

That all started in 2002, with a wild trip to Mexico that turned my whole life around. When I came back, I went to massage school (I didn't know I'd be doing that when I left for Mexico 10 days before - I was just a writer and restaurant reviewer). I knew that real spiritual transformation started in the body and if I was going to help people find their aliveness, bodywork was an essential tool.

At the same time, I started training with Caroline Myss to help people find their archetypes - those core life patterns that teach and influence us all our lives. Fun. Intense. And damn, she's funny. :) 

My work evolved from there. I felt like I was watching it unfold, with great wonder and awe. I limited my workshops, knowing that whatever this was needed to emerge with very little outside influences. And over the years, it has been amazing to watch. 

I'm grateful every day that I get to do what I'm doing. I love combining Desires and Archetypes and making them so tangible in the body that they become full body reality. I love seeing what will happen with every person in every session. 

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Core desired feelings

mouthwatered, vast, fluid, magical, generative

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Mouthwatered, Vast, Fluid, Magical, Generative

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I stumbled on Danielle in a desperate internet search looking for people who did work like I did - helping people feel joy in their bodies - and she was something beautiful. Her poetry, her love of words, her focus on what really mattered. 

And she was coming to a venue near me in a few short weeks. I bought my tickets to Salt Lake City and stayed with my parents in the house where I'd grown up. The first iteration of Desire Map had been released months earlier and I bought every version I could find. 

As the perfect procrastinating student, I waited until I got to Salt Lake to do anything. Then, while my parents went to work, I dove in. 

I savored the exercises with pen and keyboard (they both stimulate me in different ways). I bundled up and took long walks in the February snow while Danielle sang the book to me (I love the audio). I drew words in colored pens, filled pages with possibilities, studied dictionaries and thesauri, and let the words roll through my body until I found and felt the perfect ones. My desires.

Then I got to meet Danielle, the only guy in the room that wasn't coaxed there by a female. 

The whole process was magic. I had gone on an epic journey over the previous two days, shared space and received hugs from an amazing woman, and had found a new way to approach language in my healing practice - something that resonated deeper than what I'd done before. 

What I love most is that it felt like an extraordinary journey into other realms, through snow and distance to the top of the mountain and into the heart of something transformative, both for me and everyone I've shared it with. 

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

When I searched for my CDFS, I knew I had the right word when I felt it in my body. 

As I was painting words on pages that first time, one of the CDFs I honed in on was Ecstatic. I want to feel Ecstatic. 

That's an easy one for me to feel, usually. After all, I help people find their ecstasy on a regular basis. And yet, I wanted it to be even more specific. 

As I let that word fill me, I noticed that it would make my mouth water - that delicious anticipation of something amazing - food or sex or connection or creativity. It was the sign that my divine Hedonist archetype was near, something I'd become familiar with in my studies with Caroline Myss.

Hmmm. Maybe my word is Mouthwatering.  

I could feel it, but it still wasn't quite right. "Mouthwatering" didn't have one of the most important elements of ecstasy for me - that feeling of surrender to the sensuality of the moment and communion with the divine. 

I only needed a subtle shift to capture it - Mouthwatered. 

Oh yes. Not only was my mouth watering, but I could feel my body open up, as if I had thrown my arms and legs out, opened my heart and full body, and let the light pour in. 

Holy shit! It's like Flashdance with light and color and love and divinity. It's aliveness and ecstasy and surrender and acceptance. It's floating in a sea of stars. It's exactly what I want to feel...

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

I've been practicing spiritually focused bodywork since 2003 - and I've seen the power of feeling Joy through the body. And while I wandered into other words and archetypes with clients, Desire Map helped me realize again - "there is a universe in every word." 

My work with Desires is about helping you embody them, so that you feel them in every fiber, every tissue, every cell. I'd like your desires to sparkle in your eyes and be transferred in your touch, to guide you body and mind and soul to your next level of greatness and purpose and power and surrender. I want you to feel your desires full-body and experience the ecstatic aliveness in your whole being that comes with embracing your desires with every part of you.

This is a journey to the heart and core and ground of you, and it's the most beautiful thing in the world.




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