Debra Stewart

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Calgary, AB, Canada; Kelowna/Vernon, BC, Canada


Coaching, Transitions, Self-Development, Career, Wellness

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Passionate about spiritual and personal growth, I love connecting with other souls and guiding them towards an awakening of higher consciousness in different areas of life. I am an expert in transitions of many kinds, including loss and grief, relationships, career, and life changes, and have learned to navigate the dancing waters of change, rather than to resist. I love reading, writing, and connecting deeply with life through meditation and yoga. I am learning to know myself, inside and out. I dream and dream big! I believe every individual is naturally resourceful, creative, and whole and when asked the right question, knows the answer to what they are seeking. As a personal development coach, specializing in transitions of all kinds, I like to help you identify your values and core desired feelings, and use those as the foundation from which to go forward. Before identifying meaningful, achievable soul-inspired goals, one needs to first figure out what you really want.

Leveraging my experience and interest in self-development and personal leadership, I provide a wide range of coaching and facilitation services. I have been in the people development business all of my career, from teaching, to human resources, and now I love working as a Coach and Desire Map Facilitator. I bring many certifications and training, including being a Certified Professional Coach (ICF certified), am a CPHR, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and am trained in other assessment tools. Clear decision making, self-confidence, more effective self-advocacy, and identifying and following through on meaningful goals are some of the results individuals experience when working with me.

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Sovereign, Grace, Flow, Nourished