Deb Bailey

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About Me

“There are no coincidences”…You did not end up here by accident, you are meant to be here. The same is true for myself, I was guided to Desire Map training by my guides of the highest truth and compassion.  

I have learned how to transform my fear to live in the present with gratitude. To find what is sacred in life, to live life as an open ended question and not a destination.

Do you want to soften to the world around you through gentle inquiry and surrender allowing the world to penetrate, influence and transform?

I will help you relearn how to listen and receive the messages meant for you, to let go of finding the answer, to be a vulnerable observer, be flooded with joy and purpose. Let me help you connect with your life’s purpose, what your natural gift is that you need to share with the world.

Transform your fear into faith, the feeling of being stuck into flow and scarcity into abundance.

Unconditional love is my destiny, what’s yours?

“Tell me of the sorrow that taught you kindness”

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Core desired feelings

peace, joy, unconditional love, honor, true to thyself




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