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Ashland, OR, USA


Self-Inquiry, Trauma Therapy, Coaching, Yoga

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I'm a traveler of the world and the soul.

Guided by my core desired feelings, I orient my life always and fully towards what is luminous. I allow myself to feel self-esteemed and honor my gifted nature, by sharing my talents thoughtfully and generously.

When I was beginning my self-inquiry practice, I had a difficult time imagining what life could look like beyond my stressful limiting beliefs about the world.

The invitation made by the Desire Map to observe how i was currently feeling in the different areas of my life, and simply consider how i would like to feel - was transformational.

Not transformational in the sense that all of my circumstances magically changed,

But that my thinking was transformed through the realization that I could stop using my circumstances to justify choosing to wallow in feelings that made me suffer.

My work with the Desire Map, offers insight to who I might be, when I choose to live from my Core Desired Feelings instead of my default limiting patterns.

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Esteemed, Gifted, Luminous




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