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Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Life & Soul Coaching, Speaking, Event Management & Facilitation, Travel, Adventure Planning, Rewilding

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I'm a Life + Soul Coach, Intentional Travel Expert, Speaker & Facilitator empowering the Dreamers, Seekers & Gypsy Souls to believe in themselves, unlock their potential & create a life around what they love, on their own terms. .

Through my 1:1 Coaching packages & soulful events I help others pursue life-changing experiences & become the person they've always ( secretly ) wanted to be. 

I have been backpacking, working and volunteering throughout the world for the last 10 years and it has taught me that there is no 'one size fits' all version for how life should be lived. Happiness & success looks & feels different for everyone & I aim to help as many people as I can to connect with their authentic inner power and share their beautiful gifts with the world.

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