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Lawrence, KS, USA


Wellness, Anxiety, Happiness

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About Me

I'm an Anxiety to Happiness Expert that KNOWS.

I'm a mom, wife, business owner, medical practitioner, and hummingbird lover. 

I help driven & successful women in business that struggle with anxiety to take back control, create joy and have inner peace in their personal life. As a person that struggled with anxiety, I was able to overcome this harmful mental condition with coaching and I no longer need to take medication. When I’m focusing on my joy and peace, I enjoy stand up paddle boarding, laughter & play, and waking up early in the morning for "me" time. 

I discovered coaching via my Occupational Therapy (OT) practice and found my purpose is coaching others to manage their lives’ ever-evolving problems with ease. I feel comfortable meeting you where you are in life, offering a laid back, personable atmosphere. I offer deep empathy, compassion, and direct curiosity to help support you to achieve your dreams and manage your life. I embrace your pace, as we focus on your outcomes. 

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Core desired feelings

freedom, healthy, light, luxury, wholehearted

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Freedom, Healthy, Light, Luxury and Wholehearted.

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I Desired Mapped in my office. My office is my haven, my sanctuary. It's peaceful, calming, and nurturing. 
I took extra time to complete it. I think it took about 4 weeks as I wanted time to sleep, process, and test out the CDF. 

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

As a former overachiever with anxiety, I worked, worked, worked, and worked while complaining about it!

I did not take time to connect with my family, friends, and self.

I felt lonely, and anxious, and disconnected.

After I integrated my CDF, which previously were abundant, awake, connected, excited, and strong, I was able to open myself up to a new life.

Ahh, abundance. I needed an abundance of love, abundance of forgiveness, abundance of worth, abundance of confidence, and abundance of health, wealth, and happiness. 

I used awake to open my eyes to what was really going on. I was lacking self-awareness and living on autopilot. With awake I chose activities such as meditation, journaling, and really listening to others. This awakeness allowed me to discover my triggers, and to realize that the triggers were an external reaction, when I needed to rely on my internal responses. .

Connection allowed me to bring myself self care as well as more intimate connections with friends and family. Sometimes it was difficult to make this choice as I wanted to work, however it became easier as I reminded myself of my deeper desire to feel connected.

With strength, that was more about me being strong in regards to overcoming the anxiety. It was so much easier to curl up into a ball, shut down, or get mad, then it was to ask for what I needed. I used strength to get what I needed to calm the anxiety. What a bonus that it allowed me to overcome it.

I really liked my excited CDF, because again, with anxiety there is a lack of excitement. Choosing to do things that tapped into that inner excitement, that thrill, helped me get back in touch with my happiness.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

There is happiness for you.

It is possible. 

You are worthy of it.




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