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Victoria, BC, Canada


Yoga Teacher

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About Me

I am a true lover of life. 

Multi Passionate. 

Have worn many hats; banker, dog walker, server/bartender, housekeeper, bookkeeper, gardener, hair stylist, sales agent, receptionist, the list goes on. 

My whole life has been about finding one thing to which I can focus all my energy on and mastering that thing. Finally I have been able to embrace my multi passionate spirit and continued zeal to learn and experience new things.

I am a night owl who loves making time to watch the sunset. Sleeping in and warm cozy snuggles with my pups. I relish in the mornings when I can actually awaken to see the sunrise. I want to try everything for myself. Always analyzing things to find out how its done or how its made. Im the spotter of cute fluffy things. I see all the cute animals before the people. Will stop and talk with anyone on the street or at the park; always ready to hear a story or share my own. I have a strong diversion to slowly wander through Mother Nature soaking up all the beauty she offers and endlessly connect to the wind, the dirt, the leaves, the continuous gifts she offers. 

A wander, explorer, adventurer, beachcomber, gypsy, drifter, globe-trotter, stroller, voyager, traveler, meanderer. 

Endlessly addicted to learning and experiencing new things, places, cultures, lands.

A lover of people. 

It is my pure unedited nature to care for others. This is what comes most naturally for me. To be of service is my first reaction. It is this genuine state that has lead me to teach yoga and become a Desire Map Facilitator. I believe it is our divine right to truly feel complete and connected in our skin. 

I am here to continue to explore that within myself and facilitate opportunities and spaces where you are able to explore that state as well. 

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Core desired feelings

limitless, connection, love, creativity, free spirit

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

:: Limitless :: Connection :: Love :: Creativity :: Free Spirit ::

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

Initially I started Desire Mapping on my own when I discovered The Desire Map Planner. This worked for me to bring this practise into my everyday. I loved this twist on scheduling, planning, creating. It was this daily intention that was the catalyst for me to discover and experience Desire Mapping fully.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

I spent most of my life going with the flow. I was very good at doing what was typical while following what was expected. I care. I care truly and fully about others. While this is now a gift I am able to offer, at first this was a double edge sword. I cared so much about others, what they thought, what they wanted, how they felt that sooner or later I would find I blindly ended up doing things I just really didn't care for. Desire Mapping and knowing my CDFs has ultimately helped me discover knowing how I feel. How I want to feel. And what I want and don't want in order to stay in this state of creating the life I LOVE.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

I feel blessed to have learned from wonderful teachers and I am continuously excited to see what teachers will come my way throughout life's journey. These teachings are precious; having a guide who is experienced to help lead the way is necessary ultimately however, I feel we are our own guru and the one we have been waiting for. My passion for sharing Desire Mapping with people is to help others further connect with the divine within.




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