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Wilkesboro, NC, USA


Finance, Business

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I'm Bridgett!  

I am a single mother to two amazing teenagers, so security is at the top of my list. Yet, I finally mustered the courage to live my dream of business entrepreneurship.  

I dabbled in business consulting when my kids were small and I loved the flexibility! So this isn't my first rodeo but I was ultimately hired by a client and worked there for ten years! Where does time go? It was amazing and wonderful but after working through The Desire Map program I realized it was time to set my sails toward a new horizon.  

In the last five years, while going through a very hard time personally, I began down a spiritual path that awakened me to a different way to live.  

I love business and finance. I've spent two decades learning and growing in that area, but I wanted more soul. I wanted to talk about more than numbers. I am thrilled to combine all of my work together.  

Life is getting real good, y'all!  

Sending love and light!

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