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I’m Annalisa Adams, and while my stock answer as to what I do has been a yoga teacher and studio owner since 2012 - I just closed the studio and have reined in a lot of my teaching to focus on my Big Three: Art, writing, and photography. (Gulp.) This life change decision and the process leading up to my studio closure were fueled by my CDF’s, and I love sharing how the Desire Map process helps unlock and tap into routes of exploration that, bit by bit, discovery by discovery, and release by release can shape a whole new life. I offer classes, workshops, mini-retreats, online events and coaching geared towards getting out of the hustle of perpetual reinvention and into the flow of uninvention.

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Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?


Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I did my first round of the Desire Map work in bed - because I was in a pattern of deep fatigue. Rather than being a sick bed activity to alleviate boredom, the work helped me give even deeper purpose to recuperative time. The extent to which I embraced it prior to working the Desire Map (which, admittedly, was something of a begrudging embrace) expanded beyond belief, and genuinely turned recuperation into a retreat. It would take hundreds upon hundreds more words to express the power of that shift for me. 

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

In May of 2017, while navigating a bout of fatigue, I decided to work the Desire Map process. I had been through around 800 hours of yoga teacher training, left a certification path in a particular style I thought I knew I wanted, and had owned my studio for five years. Those things, I realized, had become a kind of default for me where I felt stuck - and I wanted a reboot wrapped up in a fresh approach to self inquiry. I realized through the work that I had shelved things that lit me up from within (some in high school, some when I entered business ownership, some along the way), and I decided to start letting my new set of core desired feelings lead the way. (I don't remember what my initial ones were - but they did their work, and did it well.) I decided this: If it hit me in the gut, lit up my heart, and I felt like I was in my own space and flow when I was doing those things - I would do them. I rediscovered photography on a trip to Chicago in October 2017, which led me to realize how much I missed writing, which led me to realize how much I missed making multimedia/collage art.  

I also launched my own 200 hour teacher training after completing the initial round of Desire Map work - in fact, I rewrote the whole curriculum because I realized I had been in the autopilot mode of what I "knew" when I wrote the original version. I did the same thing with the manual for the training, rewriting the entire thing two weeks prior to the start of the program, because it didn't feel like it came from my soul.  

At the beginning of 2018 (armed with a brand new Desire Map weekly planner), I set new CDF's rooted in how I feel when I am in the passions I had shelved, and decided that this is the year I bring those passions forward and let them become my foundation.  

In short - knowing my CDF's helped me see that my passion lights weren't firing. And if those aren't firing, everything else goes dim. 

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

The Desire Map has a singular power and elegance, it strikes deep and encourages profound release and growth; and it does so by tapping into what so many (myself included) put to the side: feelings. The work helped me call forth how I want to feel, and leaping into what opens up by moments of expressing/discovering those feelings creates supernovas of self-discovery.




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