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Saginaw, MI, USA


Coaching, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Consultant, Group Facilitation

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I am a Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator, Certified Coach, Educator, and Entrepreneur.

I know what it is to be lost beneath the many roles we take on as women...partner, spouse, daughter, mother, grandmother, caregiver, successful professional, business woman, entrepreneur, leader, CEO, friend...the list is endless. We often lose our direction, our identity, our sense of self, our truth and connection, our self care, self love, and self compassion. We forget the power of choice, forgiveness, laughter, creativity, and connection. We are so busy pleasing, leading, and caring for everyone else that we forget how to live and work in ways that fill us up and set our souls on fire.

My passion is creating containers of support where savvy women find the space to reclaim their freedom, identity, self love, and power of choice. Using the Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions as our guides, I serve and support women as they uncover their truths, tend to their wounds, and return to the self-loving creation of living and leading on their own terms.

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