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Berlin, Germany


Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneurship, Business Consultant, Software Engineer

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Passionate about spiritual and personal growth, I love connecting with other souls and guiding them towards an awakening of higher consciousness in different areas of life.Mom of two teenagers. I love reading and walking barefoot in the middle of the forest to connect with Mother Earth.I love myself with all my virtues and with all my faults. I dream and dream big!I am really interested in the connection between heart-centered living and strategic thinking. I help guide ambitious creatives reconnect to their heart, choose their feelings and create with Intention. When we bring consciousness into our lives, we can then steer it towards the direction we want it to go.

As a software engineer (for the last 12 years) I develop software apps, program solutions (in my 9-5), web applications, website developments (as my side passion projects). 2017 I took a journey inward, studied the Vedanta philosophies, became a yoga instructor and I am now transitioning to what fulfills me most which is combining spiritual concepts with tangible physical actions to help move creatives into their life visions.

This is where I think I can make a huge difference and where my compass of joy resides. So for me it is a combination of connecting to the heart, but taking it deeper (because we can't stop there) into action to meet Mama Universe halfway.

My commitment is to doing meaningful work. My devotion is to serving others through a soulful process that will help them identify their unique genius, build and sustain success on their own terms.

You Matter,
xo Alice

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